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Iron Tribe Fitness - Baton Rouge Reviews

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When I started I couldn't even do five pushups. Now it's not a problem to do. That's how it's different. You've got somebody right there that is a trained professional that knows what they're doing, so you're not treated like a client you're actually treated like family.


I saw my muscle mass increasing and saw my body fat decreasing. They called it semi-private training, but it's a whole lot more than that. If you're on the fence, this is an investment in your future, in your relationships, all of it.

I lost 6.4 percent body fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle and that was just outstanding for that short period of time. So having good coaches that are knowledgable is good.
Marty Mackey
Micah Morgan
Chris Olvy

Iron Tribe Fitness and the Mid City community in particular are successful for a few reasons. 

1. It’s truly a community. A community of like minded, yet uniquely different, individuals that are all collectively earnestly striving towards fitness goals and life goals in general together!

2. One of the other great things about Iron Tribe is the structure. Structure is not always a bad thing. Just like in the military the structure put in place at Iron Tribe works, and the “proof is in the puddin’” so to speak. It’s certainly a “well oiled machine.” People time and time again meet one fitness goal after another. 

3. The other great thing about Iron Tribe is that it gives customers the opportunity to participate in HITT training without having to “do CrossFit”...the coaches are knowledgeable and well trained. The coaches also know how to scale workouts for those that are not yet to the level of completing the RX standard. They provide the alternative, and motivate!

I frequently recommend Iron Tribe to all of my friends in the Baton Rouge area, and will continue to do so. “10 out of 10 would recommend” and I do!

Natalia Kotwani
The coaches are very involved in making sure you are comfortable, safe, and they motivate each person inside and outside of the gym.
Jose Mendoza
I’m new to iron tribe and the coaches there they take personal interest in your health from correcting your technique ( which of course prevents injury, works out the proper muscles, etc) during class, gauges your ability and recommends variations, and over all create a welcoming / motivating atmosphere. I’m 51 yo and use to be in shape many years ago and belong to three gyms but just couldn’t create any momentum to get fit. I think having the coaches are key for some one like me.
Caitlin Ainsworth
I really feel like part of something bigger at Iron Tribe. I’ve made several friends and love that the coaches know my name. I feel like I have so much potential for growth!

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